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ZA-05 3/8" Throttle Shaft Repair Kit Bushings

The ZA-05 3/8" throttle shaft repair kit comes with bushings but if your doing a lot of repair work you'll need extra bushings.

These sintered bronze oil impregnated bushings allow you to complete your projects using the ZA-05 3/8" throttle shaft repair tool.

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3/8" Throttle Shaft Repair Kit Bushings

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Thermoquad Carburetor Repair Kit

Which Carburetors Does This Kit Work On?

The ZA-05 kit can repair most carburetors with 3/8" shafts. These include:

bulletGM TBIs
bulletCarter Thermoquads
bulletHolley 4-barrels (including muscle car carbs)
bulletFord (Autolite) carburetors and more.

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How is the Throttle Shaft Repair Kit Used?

Full instructions are included with each Throttle Shaft Repair Kit. In summary, the steps are:

1.Disassemble and clean the carburetor or throttle body. Remove the throttle shaft.
2.Lubricate the tool and throttle body using WD-40 or equivalent light oil. Insert the chuck end of the tool into a hand-held drill and tighten the chuck.
3.Insert the pilot end into the the throttle shaft hole in the carburetor or throttle body.
4.With slight pressure and turning at moderate speed ream out the hole until the built-in stop on the tool is reached.
5.Remove the tool.
6.Drive the bushing in using a hex-head bolt as driver (see Full Instructions).
7.Reassemble the throttle body or carburetor.
Unlike old-style reaming tools, the revolutionary Zako ATS does not require precision machining skills, a drill press, complicated jigs, additional drill bits etc. The Zako ATS Throttle Shaft Tool is a one-piece, foolproof solution to installing bushings with perfect alignment, every time!

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Product Specifications

Each kit includes the precision four flute reamer with depth stop and pilot.,  along with ten sintered-bronze oil-impregnated bushings (enough for five jobs) and full instructions.

Now that Throttle Body Injection units have been around for some time, the number of high-mileage units in service is huge. In fact, GM TBIs wear so badly around the throttle shaft that just a rebuild kit, injector cleaning, an IAC and a TPS won't cut it. Up until now, the only solution was to throw the body out and get a new one - and those are outrageously expensive!

Now you can make customers happy, make more money and enjoy far fewer comebacks with the ZA-05 3/8" shaft repair kit.

The tool and accessories come in a sturdy package which serves as a storage container. Step by Step instructions are included.


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