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Throttle Shaft Kits

There are two kits available, one fits those carburetors with the 5/16" shaft and the other fits the 3/8" shaft.

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Replacement Screws & Bushings

Click to view the replacement screws and bushings kits available at our store:

Bushings for ZA-05 Kit (10 bushings)

Replacement Bushings ZA-01 Kit (10 bushings)

Replacement Throttle Plate Retaining Screws Kit (10 screws)

 When worn out throttle body allows excess air past the throttle shaft the engine either idles improperly or too high. Anyone who has rebuilt a few carburetors will eventually run into this.

Now there is a simple and economical fix: The Zako-ATS Throttle Shaft Repair Kit!

The ZA-01 5/16"  Throttle Shaft Repair kit will service Rochester Quadrajet carburetors, as well as other carbs with 5/16
" throttle shafts, including DualJet, Varajet, Two-Jet (2G, 2GC, 2GV), MonoJet, Model B, BC and BV, Holley 2245, Carter BBD carbs and more.

Now that Throttle Body Injection units have been around for some time, the number of high-mileage units in service is huge. In fact, GM TBIs wear so badly around the throttle shaft that just a rebuild kit, injector cleaning, an IAC and a TPS won't cut it. Up until now, the only solution was to throw the body out and get a new one - and those are outrageously expensive!

Now there is a simple and economical fix: The Zako-ATS Throttle Shaft Repair Kit.

Now you can make customers happy, make more money and enjoy far fewer comebacks with the ZA-05 3/8" shaft repair kit.

Besides GM TBIs, this kit will service Carter Thermoquads, many Holley 4-barrels (including muscle car carbs), Ford (Autolite) carburetors and more.


Reamer Kit for Throttle body

Throttle Shaft Repair

What is the Zako ATS Throttle Body Tool?
It's a precision crafted specialty tool, consisting of a pilot shaft and fluted, fully hardened cutting blades.

The tool is used in a hand held variable speed drill (not included).

The pilot part slides in to the throttle body, perfectly aligning the cutting blades for a prefect reaming operation every time.

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